Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Might Not Know It Now...

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I haven't shared a recipe in a while, and with the Northern Hemisphere being in the full swing of Summer, I figured some refreshments were, maybe a bit, overdue.  
This post probably could've been useful during our heatwave last month, but I don't know about you guys, when the thermometer creeps into triple digit territory, I'm doing as little as possible, and this includes using blenders in my kitchen.  Not to be the biggest baby who ever babied, but I live in the PNW, specifically Western Washington, for a very particular reason, and I'm more than willing to experience all 50-shades-of-gray-sky, no matter how long it lasts, in order to have that cool marine air throughout the Summer months.  Hopefully, last month's Hot Pocket heat dome was the worst of it ... I know, I know, I'm naively optimistic every year around this time, even though I'm fully aware that August is right around the corner waiting to gag us with ridiculously high temperatures and wildfire smoke, but still I dream.  Anyway, without further ado, this is my go-to Baby I'm a Star-burst smoothie.  As always, it's dairy, and refined white sugar-free, hard to mess up, and tastes just like a popular chewy, fruit flavored candy.  If you're new to smoothies, this combo is pretty infallible, and if you have dietary restrictions, it's pretty easy to swap out ingredients ... Like, if you just don't happen to have Indian gooseberries on hand, you can easily use the juice of 1/2 a lime to get the same kind of kick, or if you have a major sweet tooth to satiate you can skip that part altogether.  Just play around, have a little fun, and most of all, enjoy!
Here's what you need: 
12 oz Raspberries, frozen
3-4 Peach slices, frozen
1 Banana, freezing - optional
Fill the rest of your pitcher with Mango chunks, frozen
2/3 Cup full-fat canned coconut milk (or milk of your choice)
1/4 Cup Pure organic maple syrup (great for folks allergic to honey!)
1 Tbs Fine, unsweetened coconut shreds (for fiber)
1 tsp Beetroot powder,
1 tsp Dragon fruit (Pitya) powder,
1 tsp Amla powder (Indian gooseberry)  
Here's what you do:
Dump it all into a 72 oz blender (I use this one), fill with water to about the 23 - 32 oz mark on your blender's pitcher, and then blend the hell out of it!  If you prefer more of an ice cream texture, blend low & slow, use much less water, and remember you may have to scrape the sides of the pitcher a few times throughout. That's it!  Pour it into a cute cup, throw some extra coconut shreds on top, kick your feet up, and cool down...

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