Tuesday, October 31, 2017

8 A.M.

"When they came to harvest my corpse
(open your mouth, close your eyes)
cut my body from the rope,
surprise, surprise:
I was still alive.
Tough luck, folks,
I know the law:
you can't execute me twice
for the same thing.  How nice.
I fell to the clover, breathed it in
and bared my teeth at them
in a filthy grin.
You can imagine how that went over.
Now I only need to look 
out at them through my sky-blue eyes.
They see their own ill will
staring them in the forehead
and turn tail

Before, I was not a witch.
But now I am one."

 -Margaret Atwood 
Half-Hanged Mary

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

You Say it's Your Birthday...

This is Stormy, Pusheen's "cute little sister".  Apparently, we have a lot in common ... We're both adorable, bratty, and Scorpios celebrating birthdays today.  Bon anniversaire, my little not-so-alter ego!