Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring in the Dead of Winter?!

If you live in the PNW you've noticed we've had an unusually mild winter. I had snow in my
neighborhood for 5 minutes, as it melted upon landing. That being said, we have had our share of soggy, rain soaked days (nothing new there I suppose!) and just as I was hunkering down for a chilly, windy, wet, and gray January, it suddenly turned into Spring! I can't really complain because it's gorgeous, but I don't do too well with change, especially when it comes "early" (according to me). I feel a little robbed. Someone took my dark, cozy winter from me in mid January, and replaced it with weather that would be considered unusually beautiful even in March. However when I look outside and I'm met with such a lovely sunrise, instead of continuously lightening shades of gray, I can't help but feel at least a little bit transformed by the sight of what looks like a paint box has been thrown across the sky showing you a completely different color wash in each direction you look. I find myself no longer mourning the cold, dark, snowy winter I'd wished so hard for.
I find most of my creative inspiration in the colder, moodier months of Fall and Winter. They allow you to play with rich colors, and textures, and afford you a multitude of layers to manipulate and piece together to build something unexpected, but this last week I've found myself more motivated, and unusually inspired by all of the warmth in the air, and the color explosion outside.
 I've been able to finish up old projects, get a good start on others, and even create a few new things ... with my little helper by my side of course. Here she is inspecting her work on the seams on the back of the denim quilt top, before we trimmed all the fluff off ... though I will say she totally bailed on me when it came time to press the seams open (I think she thinks the iron is hissing at her).
I have a few other projects to post, but I've yet to take any pictures of them ... one I am VERY excited about. I've been trying to work out instructions in my mind for ages over it, and last night I finally nailed it. I LOVE when something works out just exactly the way you see it in your head.


Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Windy January Kind of Day

And finally time to see if we can make something out of this.
I'd been lugging what seemed like a million pairs of jeans with me from place to place, picking up more in each location for ages ... until about three years ago when I decided to cut the million pairs of jeans into an obnoxious amount of 8 inch squares.

Hopefully by the next blustery, soggy day I'll have something new (/old) to bundle up in.

Oh yeah, and happy 2010!