Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today was Beautiful!

It really was ... or maybe I've just become accustomed to the many shades of grey Western Washington has to offer in the late Winter / early Spring, and that's what made today "extra" beautiful. The sun was shining, thirsty hummingbirds were dipping, and diving around my eaves, a faint smell of briquettes ready to grill up something wonderful, I'm certain, weather that was oddly warmer than it appeared, with just the tiniest breeze ... with all of that information swirling around my dusty, cob-webbed, winter brain ... well there was only one thing to do. Would it be too cold? Too windy ... somehow miserable? I had to chance it, I just couldn't wait ANY longer!

Today was the first day of the season my toes got to splash around in Puget Sound (and yes, it was just as glorious as I knew it would be ... even better actually!). You don't understand, even though I LOVE Fall and Winter, and practically beg the gods for snow beginning the day after my birthday, and ending sometime (ok, yesterday), I wait, no, yearn for this day to come after endless days of soggy all-run-into-the-same-day last of the Winter days. The day that's finally warm enough for me to splash around in some salty water - rolled up pants, and seashell hunting hunch required! Puppies were digging, birds were, well, doing whatever it is birds do (they always remind me of the ladies who lunch set - watch them!), babies were discovering splashes that stones create in the waves when daddies throw them, and mommies take pictures, clams were sending up their little geysers letting me know I was stepping too close, gentle waves lapping at my ankles, and looking out to forever there were endless sparkles on the water, like a perfect sea of blue/grey/green (glasz) glitter stretching to islands covered in fluffy green trees, and the snow capped mountains of the peninsula beyond that.

Hibernation completed.

Today was a good day.