Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going Postal

Having one of those days?
You know, I thought I was just being paranoid before when I said my mailman hated me ...

After years of getting everyone else's mail in my mailbox BUT mine, having my packages returned without my knowledge (never mind overbearing office ladies holding them hostage!), and having my own letters returned to me claiming not enough postage I thought I'd seen it all, but this, while being a single, lonely little letter, is a new low.  This gem was post marked yesterday ... yes, you read that correctly, YESTERDAY.  I know ... I know!  I'm stunned too!  I thought, as I'm sure you're thinking as well, that it came directly out of a Civil War era soldier's breast pocket, but surprisingly enough that's not the case. 

Should I be concerned?  I see this person in an uncomfortable uniform doing a job that never ends -- no sense of satisfaction of a task completed -- a job well done, sitting before my mailbox wringing his hands (letter in his clutches) thinking about the fate soon to befall his LEAST favorite customer ... *gulp* ... me!!!  Ok, maybe I take it a little too far in my imagination, but I must say, it's getting more, and more difficult to not take this personally.

But, uhm ... you know, if I happen to go missing ... maybe start by looking in the backs of South Seattle area mail trucks, that is, if I'm not being held, and tortured in the sort facility!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Etsy-Etsy, Regretsy, banana-fana forgetsy, me-mi-Protesty ... Etsy!

Let's do Ebay!

Ok, let's not ...

You may remember an earlier post about a little dust-up concerning Etsy, and alleged resellers (like our old friend Ecologica Malibu) not only allowed, but featured, and most shockingly protected by the powers that be over at ye olde Etsy homestead by a quick shuffle of words, and notifying the Community that, you know, nothing's changed, y'all just misunderstood the entire time.

What is a reseller, you ask?  Well it used to be widely understood that a reseller would be a shop operating as the buyer of previously manufactured goods, and punting them as handmade solely by the shop owner on said shop's Etsy account -- a site made famous through the advertising prowess of its users (since the company began with a firm stance on non-promotion making it the responsibility of its users to spread the word, thus bringing traffic to the site as a whole), and its mission statement touting itself as "... the world’s handmade marketplace."