Sunday, August 15, 2021

It's Eclectic!

Spoon rings by, Mike Smyth for the Eclectic Shoppe

I recently told someone that they reminded me how I want to spend my life surrounded by the makers of the world, not the breakers of it, and it's true, it's where I feel the most alive.  If you're creating something, growing something, fabricating something, or teaching something ... I want to be part of it!  I am, quite frankly, done with all of the bitchers, twitchers, and even the do-nothing belly-itchers.  Meaning, obviously there's a time for every purpose, and it's healthy for folks to rest, clear the air, or blow off steam, I'm definitely not a big cheerleader of toxic-positivity where it's all smiles all the time ... or else!  What I'm talking about are the attitudes that keep people stuck, stagnant, and small.  I'm happiest when I'm living a life that's expansive, and abundant, and I can't occupy that space when I'm experiencing crushing negativity.  I'd argue that no one can.