Sunday, August 15, 2021

It's Eclectic!

Spoon rings by, Mike Smyth for the Eclectic Shoppe

I recently told someone that they reminded me how I want to spend my life surrounded by the makers of the world, not the breakers of it, and it's true, it's where I feel the most alive.  If you're creating something, growing something, fabricating something, or teaching something ... I want to be part of it!  I am, quite frankly, done with all of the bitchers, twitchers, and even the do-nothing belly-itchers.  Meaning, obviously there's a time for every purpose, and it's healthy for folks to rest, clear the air, or blow off steam, I'm definitely not a big cheerleader of toxic-positivity where it's all smiles all the time ... or else!  What I'm talking about are the attitudes that keep people stuck, stagnant, and small.  I'm happiest when I'm living a life that's expansive, and abundant, and I can't occupy that space when I'm experiencing crushing negativity.  I'd argue that no one can.  

How many times have you found yourself in a group that slipped from promising and exciting to depressing and discouraging seemingly at the blink of an eye?  I know I've been there more than a few times.  I'll notice myself in the foulest moods, and incredibly pessimistic about the future of something I was totally digging just a few weeks or months before, and not know what on earth is the matter with me ... And then I take a moment to pause, and reassess.  What's different?  What changed?  Where did things go sideways?  What can I control?  What is completely out of my hands?  My friend Mike (pictured above, well, his hand anyway) is pretty great at reminding me of the last two -- I swear this guy is so zen, you could tell me his skateboard floats on the backs of phantom iridescent sea-turtles, and I'd believe you!  He's a maker.  So is his wife, and their tremendously talented daughters.  They've made an entire life out of immersing themselves in the company of makers, creators, and world-builders, and it's a beautiful thing to see.  They inspire me.  They give me hope.  Aside from showcasing a seemingly endless supply of artistry and mastery, they make me believe that there is more splendor, grace, and love out there for each of us willing to invite these things into our lives.  But we have to make room, just like any party, we can't just send out invitations, and hope for the best without preparing the space to receive what we truly want.  

What does that look like?  Well, I'm not always exactly sure, but I know what it doesn't look like.  It doesn't look like clinging to a past that is unhealthy.  It doesn't look like filling our time with people who bring nothing but their grievances with them.  It definitely doesn't look like focusing on all of our problems rather than the straight-forward, and feasible solutions that will often reveal themselves once we quiet our circumstances enough to hear them.  What I am sure of is that it doesn't have to be fancy.  You don't have to run out and buy a library full of self-help books, you don't need a shiny new guru, or an expensive retreat somewhere on the Pacific Rim.  You just need to be able to make the commitment to yourself to protect your environment, and the energy within it.  Once you do that, you may find it helpful to create a framework for your success, like, when a person decides they want to be more active, they don't hide their sneakers in the back of their closet, they'll keep 'em out where they can see them, or stash a pair by the front door.  I find this principle can be used across the board, it'll just look a little different for each situation.  For a vibe overhaul, simply becoming more aware of the media you allow into your home is a great start!  Is your television bumming you out?  How do you feel after tuning in to your favorite programs?  Is your dwelling a place that makes you feel good?  Do you want to spend time in it?  Does it feel inviting to you?  If you don't even want to be there, the good things you want to increase in your life probably don't want to be either.  So, make little changes and upgrades to elevate the feelings your home conjures from you -- this doesn't have to be expensive, trust me, to this day most of my home furnishings came out of dumpsters, or off the sidewalks of my college town some 18+ years ago (no, I'm not kidding) -- a little paint stripper on a chipped up old piece, or just rearranging how things are placed around a room can have a dramatic effect on a person's mental, and emotional well-being.  I mean, you don't exactly have to dive head-first into feng shui to demonstrate the positive results that sprucing up your domain can bring about.  Plus, I think it's an important piece of self-respect, self-love, and self-care, and when my home is a place I want to spend my time, I find I'm a lot more protective about what goes on in it.  I then carry that around with me, instead of just focusing on my home, my focus becomes the space immediately around me as I move through this world.  

What am I willing to be around?  

What am I willing to be part of?    

You'll be amazed by the ripple-effect occurring from doing something as small, and as large as giving yourself permission to exist on your own terms has on the people around you.  Some won't understand it, and some will be offended because you will no longer be vibing on the same frequency, so to speak, and you may mutually decide to part ways, but others will be inspired by your convictions and confidence, and will want to adopt something similar in their own lives.  And in that tiny way, each one of us has the power to essentially change the world.  That's kind of incredible if you think about it!

As always, be cool out there folks, don't be all, like ... uncool.