Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back to Basics

You're not playing right until you've got sidewalk chalk on your backside!
Every so often, or more like at least a few times a month I slip into my ritual of "overhaul,
shovel out, regroup, and begin again," although I didn't have categories, or tidy little names thought up for it 'til just now, it's something I've done since I don't know when. 

I have the tendency to stress out for the sake of stressing out, it seems.  I try not to identify with it, or allow it to become my "story," but whilst my head is ever reaching toward the clouds, with my feet buried in earth, sometimes I get stretched a little too thin, and have to come back to center to get a grip again ... and sometimes I receive help from the unlikeliest places!

They say, "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."  Ok, ok I said that in my yearbook quote, thanks to some guy called Ferris Bueller (I know, lame right?  I used a movie quote *gag*) but I still stand by it!  If you're not enjoying it, you're missing (not only the point, but) "it" completely. 

My winning equation this time?  Quite simply: (Little boy + Sunny day) x (Sprinkler) = AWESOME!  It took me a couple of weeks still to move through the categories listed above, but I'm finally at my Begin Again point, and ready for something new to be born.  Not yet fully recharged, but ready to allow new ideas, new designs, and new creations to flow through me again.  Despite the fact that I'm a highly strung wreck through part of the month (yes, every month), I am thankful that through it all I've been given the ability to slow down, and appreciate everything around me ... even if sometimes I have to be reminded by chasing a soaked critter through a sprinkler (gratitude is a terrible thing to waste)!
When was the last time YOU felt this good?