Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lightbulb Moment

I've been afforded many such moments lately for pictures both big, and small.  What I haven't had the great fortune of experiencing is the kiss of the muse ... big or small.  It has become painfully clear to me during this period of lock-down (though, they're trying to call it something else) is that I am not Shakespeare, and this blog (or anything else I'm working on) is not my King Lear.  Don't expect any prolific work to be flying off my keyboard during this plague, because while a friend of mine is experiencing a full-on writing renaissance, cranking out at least one piece per day, I am woefully wordless.  I don't begrudge anyone their moment of creativity, especially those with demanding, soul-sucking day jobs, but I can't help wondering, what is wrong with me?