Sunday, December 31, 2017

Attitude is Everything

Whether the glass is half empty, or half full is no concern of mine.  The next round is on me, and that's all that matters.


Monday, December 25, 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Interested in exploring more winter folklore? One of my favorites, and oft overlooked, is the Deer Mother

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Company You Keep: SoulTalk

On this first day of Winter, a time of deep reflection and introspection sometimes referred to as the dark night of the soul where we travel inward, and chase out the false-self, making way for truth and love to proliferate, it is only appropriate that I share the opportunity to join the ten day, guided online journaling workshop created by J.G. Lewis to celebrate the beginning of this new cycle.
Image courtesy of J.G. Lewis
Whether you've been journaling for years, are just beginning, or need a little inspiration to get back on track, 10 DAYS / 10 QUESTIONS will get you thinking more and writing more.  There will be tips and best practices, a supportive community, and ideas and advice on how you can strengthen your journaling practice.  IT WILL BE FREE + FREEING.

©J.G. Lewis
Register by email at
See you there! xoxo

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Smart Cookie!

Sugar Cookie Essential Oil Bath

Clove Bud

Combine 4 drops of each essential oil in a warm bath (Epsom salt optional, but encouraged!) and let all of your holiday stress, or end of year worries melt away.  This warming oil concoction is ideal for promoting good circulation, soothing the adrenal glands, fortifying the thyroid, and lymph system stimulation and drainage - perfect for restoring peace, and vitality during cold, Winter months.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Last Call...

If you're a regular around here, you know every winter I roll out the bi-annual charity post for Pat Rothfuss' Worldbuilders organization that raises money throughout the year on behalf of Heifer International.  However, this geek-tastic gang concentrates its efforts toward two main drives each year; one in the winter when our hearts are warm and fuzzy, and a summer event to celebrate the author's birthday, and after last year's record breaking Two Million (and some change) USD grand total, they are currently sitting at the One Million USD mark with one day left to donate (though they almost always extend the deadline by a week to accommodate those paid mid-month).

So, why Heifer?  It's no secret, there are a lot of charities out there that are organized, and overseen as chaotic dumpster fires, at best.  This is a huge problem when the dumpster is full of well-meaning people's money, while the human beings it was all meant to help are still suffering.  With Heifer, things are refreshingly different with a rating of 97% on Charity Navigator's accountability transparency scale, they have nothing to hide, which means you can find out fairly quickly that 75% of all donated money goes straight into supporting their programs, while 5% is put toward administration costs.  Another cool, insider tip for those donating is that you can contact them, and ask to be taken off their mailing / advertising lists so that even MORE money can go toward helping people in need.  I'm a sure thing, so I don't need them to waste money that could go toward feeding a hungry person on printed materials sent to my mailbox reminding me to donate.  

Ok, ok that's cool and all, but what makes Heifer International so special?  Unlike many organizations, Heifer doesn't just throw money at people.  Cash is great, I guess, but what is someone supposed to do with it when there is NOTHING to buy, and NOWHERE to buy it?  See, we're not talking about folks who've just fallen on hard times, Heifer aims to help depressed areas so crippled with poverty (and often generational) that paper and coin just isn't going to fix.  This is when they swoop in with regionally appropriate tools, systems, education and customized training, and get to work laying the foundations for new community economies.  Why does this excite Pat, his Worldbuilders, and their geeky ilk?  It's quite simple, really.

Geeks believe in solutions.  They're not happy just dumping dough.  Good deeds without real results are just empty gestures, and that's not good enough, making Heifer + Geeks a perfect match.  Heifer is out there getting results.  The programs they tailor to each area's unique circumstances, and challenges truly change people's lives, not just once, but over and over again in a true ripple effect, which is, frankly, quite wonderful.  

If you're interested in learning more, watch the video below, or if you're already feeling generous, click here, and consider putting a few dollars toward building a world you're pleased to be part of.