Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yawn, Stretch...

It's time to get motivated, and shake the atrophy of hibernation already! You may have noticed a few missing Treasury Tuesday features, but we've been busy 'round these parts. We've got so much to talk about, but before we get to that I've got some fresh goodies to help you get motivated for that time of year so closely related to organization, and simplification:

Hand knitted, fuss - free cowls created in juicy 2012 colors designed for ultimate versatility.  As easily tucked into a winter coat, as layered over your light Spring jacket, or pulled on after a sunny, Summer beach side day waiting for the bonfire this garment travels!

Mother Nature actually cooperated for the photo sesh!
As illustrated above, you might've guessed that we were a bit snowed in, then melty & floody, and now finally as I write this the wind and rain are violently thrashing through the night. It's been slightly schizophrenic to say the least. There have been a few bright spots however, aside from freshly fallen snow, which you know makes me act like a five year old (not so unlike an ocean beach)! One being the new (well, new to us in the States) season of Mistresses, which came with a HUGE surprise in the season opener. Are you ready for this? Joanna Lumley is guesting as the mother of the characther played by Sarah Parish (who you will know as Kate Winslet's coworker in the opening of The Holiday if you love a good Christmas rom-com as much as I do) which made me gasp and yell "PATSY STOOOOOOOOOOONE!!!!" at the television. I was then convinced that somewhere a hole had been ripped in the space-time continuum, could it be possible? AbFab + Mistresses??? Obviously Ms. Lumley has done more than play a drunk, stoner on a cult comedy, but I've been lovin' Pats since stumbling upon an AbFab marathon on an obscure channel in the early 90s (and yes I totally lost my mind over the 2012 episodes). What can I say, you've been warned about guilty pleasures!

Other than shrieking at the tv, and knitting my brains out, I also finally applied for my business license ... I know, I've been a bit behind the 8 ball, but decided it was time to operarate the biz on the up and up, and legitimize things around here (oh yeah, and it was approved)!

That's it for now, my lovlies! xoxo