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Occasionally on this site you will find links to products I use regularly, have thoroughly vetted for my personal use, and stand behind. Rarely are these links to products or items from companies that I am affiliated with, however, if my affiliation with a particular company I have researched, and support can bring financial benefits to my readers in the form of extra savings on purchases through affiliate-link shopping or coupon codes, and as commission for myself, then I join up, and share it for regular readers, and the casual passersby alike to benefit from at no extra cost to you, or me.  These links will always be clearly, and obviously marked, or discussed.  I don't dig sneaky sales tactics no matter who or what they benefit.

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Canvas People
Since 2011, I've used this company to transform my ordinary photographs into large works of art for my home, and so far I've been pleasantly surprised by the product quality and the swiftness of delivery.  Whether converting scans of old 35mm student shots from Photography 101, or tackling the blow-up of a mediocre resolution snap from an early digital camera, Canvas People has handled it all. I'm sure there are countless companies offering photo-to-canvas services these days, but I have to say, the size options for the price (they run amazing promotions, and sales) can be quite hard to beat. 
Darn Good Yarn
Love. This. Store.
It seems anyone these days can get their hands on a re-seller permit, and import cheap wares and goods from overseas factories with questionable (at best) working conditions & pay for their employees, think up a name, call yourself a "store" and rake in dough hand over fist.  What's different about Darn Good Yarn is that they're proving you don't have to cheat, or exploit people in other countries in order to make a profit in America.  There's no need to sell your soul in order to pay your bills - something I can totally get behind!  PLUS, Darn Good Yarn is committed to reducing textile and apparel industry waste - something else I am also passionate about in my own practices. Created by Nicole Snow in 2008 Darn Good Yarn brings us beautiful up-cycled silk yarn, knitting accoutrements, and silk Sari wrap skirts, but also the opportunity to help women support themselves in impoverished or struggling parts of the world, but it doesn't end there, the company also partners with Pine Ridge Industries in Schenectady, NY to lovingly package their outgoing orders giving those with developmental disabilities sustainable employment, and independence.  So.  With each order we reduce waste, support our global economy and women workers by helping them escape crippling poverty, and create jobs here at home for some of our most vulnerable, and often overlooked individuals?  What's not to love?  Read more about Darn Good Yarn here.

Shop Now

Side note:  Please understand this is a very small business that promotes incredible sales every once in a while creating a buying rush that can bog down the shipping process.  You WILL get your items, and the customer service team is nothing if not helpful and friendly!  I made my first purchase over a holiday weekend during a buy-one-get-one sale combined with another offer and it took about 3 weeks to get my delivery.  That being said, the Sari wrap skirts are gorgeous, and I'd much rather get my clothes this way, than overnight from a big box store that is part of a chain that oppresses factory workers.

Daysy® Fertility Calculator THIS LINK for a $10 reimbursement on your very own, next level, natural birth control method, and family planning device.  Daysy® is considered an actual medical device, and can be covered by many insurance plans using CODE: A9279.   Read more about the device, and my current rant about hormone-based contraceptives here.  Sign up here for their referral program, and receive a 10% commission from every purchase made through your unique link. 

Healthy Traditions
(Formerly Tropical Traditions)
For all things organic virgin coconut oil, and to view their current promotions GO HERE where first-time buyers will receive a free copy of Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives, and how it can change yours!  By: Brian Shilhavy.  I have been using coconut oil for cooking, eating, bath and body products, and household uses for nearly ten years, and I keep coming back to Healthy Traditions for quality, convenience, good customer service, and the range of products offered.  I'm also a fan of their recipe section that I found extremely helpful at the beginning of my coconut oil cooking adventures.  Sign up for their mailing list for news on sales, and free shipping offers.  You may also enroll in the Healthy Buyer's Club for further discounted prices on items bought in bulk, which comes in handy for those of you raising families!  Also helpful, by joining their referral program you can earn gift certificates for each new customer you bring to the site - there are no limits to the certificates you may earn, and no expiration date (yay you!).
Seeds Now
If you're an organic gardener looking for pure, non-genetically modified, non-hybridized, heirloom, open-pollinated, raw & untreated seeds, Seeds Now is your spot.  Committed to the Safe Seed Pledge the company's website is packed with great information for gardeners (especially beginners) to ensure a successful growing season.  Sign up for their newsletter for the latest information on sales, promotions, and giveaways so you never miss out.  You can also join their affiliate program, and earn 20% on purchases made through your unique link.  Shop now, and at checkout enter code: SAVE10NOW to get 10% off your order.

Thrive Market everything you can't, or don't have time to grow at home, there's Thrive Market.  This membership based, online marketplace is cutting out middlemen to deliver products from some of your favorite natural food brands right to your door.  Because they're buying wholesale directly from brands themselves, Thrive Market is able offer products to their members for prices 25-50% lower than what's available in typical retail stores (including other online marketplaces), and ship all orders over $49 for free within the United States.  The annual membership fee is currently $59.95 and with every new membership purchased, one is gifted to an American family in need.  However, if you're not ready for that level of commitment, give their 30-day free trial a whirl, and see what it's all about!

I'm a girl whose family has been shopping in natural food stores since the beginning when everything tasted like stale garbage, and nearly cost a King's ransom.  Now, to see an Eco-friendly, community-minded company like Thrive Market even attempt to make healthier (and tastier) food choices commonplace and affordable?  This, to me, is worthy of support.