Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Every Time a Till Rings ...

... A Corporate Shill Gets Its Wings!

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Aw, I'm not just having a go at you, I'm making fun of me too ... We all know consumerism & American holidays are snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be, so we may as well get something back for it, right?  


So, let's talk about Rakuten.  You might've heard about this website back in the old days when it made a name for itself as Ebates.  It certainly didn't take long for it to become a popular E-rebate (get it?) site where the hassle of filling out, and mailing in forms had been rendered obsolete, in fact the only work that went into earning your cash back was as simple as a click.  After activating a free membership account, all a shopper had to do was shop through the rebate website by clicking the provided links to stores at which you already normally shop.  Rakuten acquired the company in 2014, and five years later the name change arrived, but Rakuten had already more than proven they were capable of providing the same level of service we'd become familiar with, and even began elevating it to include in-person purchases at your local shopping centers, ride shares, and food delivery.  More recently they've added subscription services from BarkBox to things like Hulu, and Sirius XM.  Rakuten's also become a great place to save on booking vacations, excursions, and tickets for everything from concerts to museums, sporting events, and more, for everyone out there who is likewise attracted to the idea of buying experiences.

Rakuten's increased in-store presence is a nice touch for all of you shopping purists out there.  I see you.  I used to be you!  I never thought I'd make the transition to "strictly online shopping loser" ... I have deep roots in American mall culture, but the increase in violence at my local haunts really turned me off.  I'm not trying to shop 'til I'm dropped, babes - there is really no amount of food court delicacies, makeup counter make overs, and free gifts with purchase that made bleeding to death under a clearance rack from a gunshot wound, or getting kidnapped in the parking lot seem worth it to me, but it's very cool of Rakuten to expand in that area for folks in places where being in close proximity with other human beings en masse is still a pleasurable experience.

For the rest of us weirdos, Rakuten has gone out of its way to make earning cash back easier than ever, and if you install the company's browser extension available for Chrome, and Firefox you don't even have to go to their website to activate the shop through function.  Once installed, when you visit a participating retailer, a big red button appears at the top of the web page alerting you to the discounts, and cash back percentages available, which can range from 1% - 20% depending on the day, and current promotions.  All you have to do is click the button, and the deal will be applied to your purchase at checkout, and Rakuten takes care of all the rest, including cutting you quarterly checks with your earnings.  What's not to like?  Sign up, and save some dough today!

Happy shopping, capitalist pigs!!  I'm kidding, I'm kidding ... we're all in this sty together, Lovers!