Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love ... Get Down Tonight!

Daysy Update:

You may remember, eight months ago I decided to invest in a little device that monitors and tracks a woman's fertility from daily basal body temperature readings.  Not only can this genius little computer help a couple conceive, it likewise can also help you avoid pregnancy (with 99.3% accuracy, ranking it better than most other forms of contraception available to us today), as well as keep a close eye on your personal hormone fluctuations (my reason for purchasing) which comes in handy when your body is on the fritz and you're experiencing imbalances.  A great reference source for learning, and understanding the correlation between your basal body temperature and hormone fluctuations is the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by, Toni Weschler.  Hormones get a really bad rap; if they're not being blamed for bad monthly behavior, then they're at fault for boys' "uncontrollable urges" or they're only deemed important to pay attention to when you're actively trying to conceive, but the truth is you can't live your best, most vibrant life if your hormones are all out of whack.

So with my overall vitality, and the fact that the device has a 7 - 10 year lifespan (and that I'll be well on my way out of my childbearing years by the time it dies) in mind I took the leap and started temping last Summer, and after a few blunders figured it out, and began my journey to better understanding the cycles my body was experiencing, which is made ridiculously simple with the use and synchronization of the Daysyview app.

As described in my earlier post about Daysy, it takes a good three to four month period to get to know your body's unique cycle before it starts handing out green days like Oprah giving away free cars to underpaid teachers.  During this phase you'll be getting mostly yellow (caution) days, and red (no-go if you're trying to avoid pregnancy) days.  Many women (and couples) get antsy, or discouraged in the first month with so few changes, but just hang in there, keep recording your temperature first thing every morning before rising from bed, and before any type of activity - it must be your body's resting temperature for this to work, and be accurate.  It's also important to note that the main button on your brand new Daysy device will be super stiff, and difficult to press the first several times, especially upon first waking in the morning.  No need to get frazzled, this seems to have happened with nearly every user, and every device, and they do "break-in" and loosen up quickly so it's certainly not a long term issue that needs special attention.  Just know it going in that the first handful of times it's going to be a bit of a wrestling match, all the while trying not to engage in any sort of bustle that will remove you from your resting state-- easier said than done some days, but it passes.  The second point to keep in mind when reading review posts, or skimming through staged instagram photos is that you don't take your morning temperature with the device already plugged into your phone with its own handy-dandy cable (provided) - it doesn't work this way, and it also drains the Daysy's battery to have it constantly plugged into your mobile where it has to rest on it all night.  Before making my purchase, nearly every picture I'd seen online was of the device connected to the phone, and how women set their alarms on their phones and had the Daysy sitting right on it all night for the convenience of just waking up, hitting the alarm, and getting down to temping immediately.
You get a green day, and YOU get a green day...

Just, no.  This is not how it's done.  Keep your Daysy, and your phone separate until after you've taken your temperature, and connect them only when it's time to synchronize your device with the Daysyview app.

Moving right along ... By the second month my green days had already more than doubled.  Yay!  For those of you anxious to get busy au naturale a few more days a month with no chance of making it a party of three later on this is when the fun begins.
Everyone gets a greeeeen daaaaay!

Fast forward a little bit, and if you're on a nice, boring 28 day cycle it's not at all unusual to get 20 green days in a 31 day month.  And just as we were taught about traffic lights in Driver's Ed, green means go, yellow is proceed with caution, and red = slam on the brakes.  For couples in hot pursuit of the Stork, simply set your device to conceive, and it will mark all of your best days to get frisky, and no matter how you've programmed your settings, the app can share your personal schedule automatically with your partner, and let them know if tonight's the night (midday, morning, whenever you get up to whatever you do)!  I have to say, overall, I'm really pleased with the purchase so far.  It has helped me immensely in understanding what on earth my body has been going through, and has given me valuable information I can use in order to change up my lifestyle, diet, supplements, whatever in order to rein in wildly fluctuating hormones, which, to me, is virtually priceless.


P.S. You'll want to snag a hard shell eyeglass case for this little dude to ride in, this isn't really something you want bouncing around inside your purse especially during long-distance travel.  Also, sleeping with this under your pillow is a bad idea ... It's all fun and games until you snap off the stem of the thermometer, and the warranty doesn't cover it.  So, if you're ordering a Daysy, get ahead of the game and get something snug for it to live in. 

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