Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Think Pink!

Yesterday I was a little blue, so today I was thinking pink, and I dare say it worked ... who can be bummed surrounded by this sweet silliness (on a bright, sunny day, I might add!)?

Bringin' back the Barbie toes!
I guess file this under the "Lifestyle" portion of this blog?  This is my most genius "creation" yet!  Toe-socks with the tips cut off, thus making tiny little turtlenecks for my toes.  My feet get super cold when it comes time to paint my nails.  I can't decide if I just have utterly terrible circulation or if I'm so focused on NOT smudging them that I concentrate too much on keeping them "separate" and exposed.  Whatever the problem, I've got a cozy little solution ... you know until I drop dead from PAD at least!

So I took it easy on myself today, emotionally anyway.  Sometimes it's just good to get off your own back once in awhile.  I still struggle with this, but I will say I'm at least getting better with it. 

 I don't know where all these nearly impossible expectations came from, I just know I've had them my entire life.  They can be great for self motivation ... a little rocket fuel to get things going, but it gets exhausting, and is an essential ingredient for good old fashioned burn-out.
For me, air-tight organization is key.  It keeps my brain from

searching (and panicking over) what hasn't been done, what needs to be done, and the whole tornado
of possibilities of what could go wrong because these things weren't accomplished.  I know!  I'm exhausted just reading that sentence!  I'm calling this very short period, the calm before the storm.  I'll be planning everything out for this Fall and Winter over the next couple of days, hopefully knocking a big chunk out tonight if my plan-making stars align (calendar + notebook + really bad, guilty pleasure television).  Forecast looks good so far!  If all this planning goes, er, according to plan (?) maybe we'll get the whole storm to blow over altogether!  Wish me luck. ;-)