Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stretched, Stapled, and Taught

No, I'm not talking about the latest cosmetic procedure, I'm talking about what was delivered to my doorstep yesterday.  Still confused? 

Canvas People was offering a $50 promotional code a couple of weeks ago (which meant a free
8"x10" just pay shipping) so I decided to give it a whirl! The site is pretty user friendly, and straight forward. Just upload your photograph directly to their site, and you're a couple clicks away from having one of your favorite pics stretched onto a canvas. I always recommend doing your own color corrections, and any touch-ups before submitting your photo, but they do offer it as a service if you're a little on the novice side of things. I was nervous to try the service myself, because I knew how I wanted it to look, and I have trust issues!  But I think it worked out pretty well.  Admittedly the canvas did come slightly "damaged" - just a bit on one of the folded corners, and a little dent in the wood frame along the bottom, but nobody's perfect, and it's really not noticeable once it's on the wall, so I'm not turning purple with rage.  Besides, I've painted on canvas, but had never, until now, had one of my photographs on one, so I'm feeling pretty official today, which is possibly putting me in a forgiving mood. 

Overall I'm happy with it, and would totally do it again.  They run all sorts of promotions, and apparently if you're into the whole Facebook thing, you can "Like" them for even better deals, and chances to win contests.  For the price it's an awesome alternative, and more personal option than mass produced, over printed Ikea "art".  I'll stop there before this ends in a Fight Club-esque explosion!