Saturday, August 28, 2010

Talking Leaves

That was a name I coined for a color in college, it was a Native American themed project, and I thought both the people I was studying, and the phrase had a certain mystery about them.  I love the thought of leaves suspended high above us, with something to say about everything down below, like thousands of little busy bodies whom never let even the smallest details slip their attention, or guardians passing along important messages as the wind carries them to the appropriate ears. 

My leaves are certainly talking today, they've been good company all morning as I'm elbow deep in
projects.  I see the heavy limbs dip so they can peek in through the window at me to see what I'm up to, and bounce back up to the dark gray sky to pass along the news.  Somewhere along the way they mentioned to me that it was Fall now, though I knew it a week ago that the weather would not be waiting for the calendar to catch up ... it never really does around here.  But just in case I wasn't ready to believe the leaves swaying to and fro while others danced around twirling like my niece in a princess dress til the cold moist grass tickled their toes I saw Tommy (the squirrel, and yes I name everything) run by with some non-perishables for his pantry, and it hit me, not like a ton of bricks or anything.  Fall is something I ease into like a hot bath, it just envelopes me completely. 

There's something exciting to me about that first bite of crisp air that lets you know something more is going on than meets the eye.  I've been flirting with the rich colors of the season, and day dreaming of wrapping up in the warm woollen camel colored coats we'll be seeing everywhere soon.  And this year like many before it sends thoughts through my head of crackling leaves underfoot, ivy covered brick, age stained book pages, tweed jackets with leather elbow patches, beaver fur coats, pennants, Oxford bags, and new beginnings.  Autumn to me has always been more about new beginnings than Spring ... the acorn has to fall in order for something to be sprouting come springtime.  Even though everything seems to be coming to life, something had to be planning the arrival beforehand. 

Well it's back to work with me, I just had to take a break before tantrums ensued ... I have that problem when I'm working on intricate things that require a new definition of tedium, there's something that would be so soothing in the sound of breaking glass when I've been going at it too long.  I chose this instead, and no clean up required!