Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Day The Major Arcana Was Turned Up To 11

We all knew when Priscilla Frank dropped this blurb about Ariel Hart's Lisa Frank inspired (free to the masses) tarot deck on The Huffington Post that this was going to happen, right?

While I was never the biggest fan of Lisa Frank products growing up (I was more of a Mead Supershades girl, myself, later graduating to Yikes!® everything), I am a fan of the parody accounts Nihilisa Frank, and Feminist Lisa Frank floating around the interwebs these days, plus there's something about the mishmash of candy-colored nonsense on a deck of tarot cards, and the humor Ariel brings to the project that I find irresistible.  So, it really was only a matter of finding the right print shop to handle the job!  I ended up using San Francisco based Printer's Studio for this undertaking.  I loved that they had no minimum orders, complete customization, essentially no limit to the number of designs in a deck (up to 170 cards), and their drag & drop uploading system that literally could not get any easier to use.  The entire process was beyond user-friendly, and when I signed up to create my account I received a coupon code for something like ten dollars off my first order, taking the price down to $1.20 for two decks of cards, plus shipping.

I'm totally impressed with the quality, I can't say enough about how great these cards are, but I'll spare you!  I'll just say, I'm so stoked I want to go into the playing card biz now ... stay tuned.

I know others went with Make Playing Cards as their printer, and were just as thrilled with the results.  As pleased as I am with what I got from Printer's Studio, I always encourage people to shop around to find exactly who or what can fulfill their needs so, I had to throw MPC into the mix.  I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to find the right company for the appropriate job, and I highly recommend both of these studios.