Monday, March 28, 2016

One of Those Days

So much for my promising career in camera repair...

This month is wrapping up with a rather explosive energy after starting the new year with an oddly productive air as if being shoved from behind by an invisible, overly-excited stage mother, everything came to an abrupt halt recently, punctuated with a hot water tank that had finally had enough of this life, but refused to go without one last battle (I almost admired it for that).  After tricking me into thinking the rather loud, hissing sound emanating from my utility closet was that of a gas-leaking furnace (who has been little else than a headache the entire time I've known it!), and getting me to run out of the house (grabbing essentials along the way: warm coat, lip balm, bottle of water, and phone) thinking I'm about to be vaporized like the family I had just seen on the evening news only days before, hitting every button on my phone until finding a suitable number to call to inform the person through wheezes of hyperventilation as I hunker down in the spider-factory formerly known as a garden shed, also the only cover I could duck into at the furthest point from my house making mental notes such as, "If I live through this, find out where the %$^;*@#! gas line shut-off valve is!" not only did it NOT, in fact, blow up my house (making me look like a raving lunatic in the process), it mocked me by spewing water into my living room.

She fights dirty.

Well played.

It could've been worse.  And that's the thing really, it can ALWAYS be, or get worse ... I'll take soggy carpet over this any day of my life, that's for sure!  Besides, that's what shop-vacs and towels were made for, right?  I mean, things wear out or break, they end, and that's okay.  All we can do is be as prepared as possible, and when that falls short, hope like hell we remembered to do our stretches and are flexible enough to bend when necessary.  Me?  I'm not so bendy, and Life isn't waiting around for me to perfect my "full wheel pose" in order to roll with it either, it's reminding me of what needs, or deserves just as much attention as everything else on my radar right now, and that things are moving forward with or without me.

I could've really done without the fuss, and the clean-up for that matter, but I DO know where the gas line shut-off valve is now...