Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses (fooor meeeeEEEEeeee!)

I've never really been a roses kind of gal, but I could be if this keeps up!

The picture isn't doing it justice, trust me, the bloom was larger than my outstretched hand (spider's legs fingers included).

I had an uncle who loved roses, I'm not really sure why.  He never told me.  I never asked.  But we all knew he thought they were beautiful, and they were his favorite of all flowers.  I think I can see why, now. 

There's something so safe in the reserved nature of a tightly rolled bud.  Long, and sleek; protected.  In full bloom there is also much to appreciate.  Vulnerability at its best, I think.  Delicate, open, and unafraid all at once. 

If "HERE I AM!" could be screamed without causing a sound, I think she's figured out how to do it.

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