Monday, September 6, 2010

Out to Pasture?

Okay, okay it's that time of year again ... Labor Day, and how many of us are actually sending our whites to the big color farm in the sky?  Granted, around this time the ol' girl is looking a little long in the tooth, but I don't think it's glue factory time just yet.  And now for the shock, and scandal I tell you: I believe in winter white!  I also believe in stiff white shirts to match the crisp fall air.  I believe in crunchy leaves under a bright white sneaker with jeans and a cozy sweater.  I believe in ALL colors ALL the time.  I'm a mood dresser, not a trend/fad/tell me what I should like from your glossy magazine dresser.  And quite honestly I don't think I'm alone here. 

It feels to me that there is a shift happening out there.  People are tired of the same old assembly line junk that everyone else has, that the prestigious few tell us we should want, and definitely need if we don't already have it ... but don't forget you'll be throwing it out next season when you're told it's "over"!  We're sick of being told what to do.  Our rights are being mutilated before our eyes, blatant abuses of power are being thrust upon us under the guise of course that "they" know what's best for us (um, by the people for the people? Not so much), as the whole world seemingly creeps closer and closer toward a universal police state ... Fashion Police, do you see where I'm going with this?  You don't actually exist, and we don't need the "threat" of you hanging over our heads anymore.  There are more important things happening out there than what color I'm wearing after which day on the calendar.  If it makes me happy, what's the problem?  And really, shouldn't that be what we're all striving for, sharing and spreading happiness -- accepting one another and each of our quirks instead of regurgitating a lot of rigid and antiquated rules about something as silly as fashion? 

Silly as fashion? 

Yes, fashion IS silly, the whole nature of it is!  We're picking out decoration and coverings for our bodies, we're not curing cancer in the closet every morning ... and if you are, may I say that's amazing!  Enjoy it, it's meant to be fun!  The ones taking it so seriously are either trying to get rich off you, or doing some kind of Wild Kingdom ram's dance before they butt heads and one can be declared a winner.  And for them I say, please do us all a favor by getting back on your high horse, ride it to your ivory tower, and lock yourself in, because the rest of us are having a blast ... and you know what they say about party poopers! 

What's my final word?  My name is Stormy, and I believe in winter white.