Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey Daddy-O

It's been awhile since I've posted ... I admit I've been very distracted lately.  Though I will say, I've always had a difficult time staying on task during the summer months.  Summer was always a time to be free.  No schedules, no clocks, no constraints.  Funny how the older we get those things change the fastest, but I still feel part of me holding onto what I held so sacred about this time of year.  I hope I never let that part of myself go. 

So here I am, and there are my boys up at the top ... our daddies.  It turned out to be quite an ambush, as we unloaded and took over the kitchen so our hostess could see daylight, and play with us as well!  I think it turned out even if it was winter-cold in the middle of June.  We made the best of it, and I learned a new game that apparently goes by the names of ladder golf, bolo toss, and the decided favorite of the day, hillbilly horseshoes ... which by the way, my dad totally slayed at since he spent most of his adult life throwing cables to the decks of ships from the docks below.  He can put a ball attached to a string / yarn / rope / cable anywhere he wants, so he kind of had an advantage!

Overall, it was a really good weekend.  It's always nice to get to change your pace a little, relax, and enjoy the people you're with.  I think Dad had a nice time as well, but then again he's always been a sucker for good munchies, and a present now and then, and I don't think the brand new flannel disappointed.  There are a few subtle signs of approval to watch for ... the weight test which is administered by a gentle shake of the garment, followed by a little squeeze of the hand, and then the silence, and after a few moments a very quiet "that's a pretty shirt".  Not very many people describe plaid, flannel, button front shirts as pretty, but he does, and that's what makes it so much fun taking the time to pick out just the right one.