Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Morning!

I may be the only person on Earth who wakes up with a hot cup of decaf ... (true!) ever since slaying
the caffeine dragon about two years ago, and in doing so, once the detox ran its course, I realized I never really drank coffee for its stimulating effects. I love the taste of it, and the more I pay attention to the things I do, I've come to see I'm a creature of all things comfort. Good food, good drink, music, textures, lighting ... what can I say? I like to be cozy.

So I took a knitting intermission to brew what would turn into a tidy little latte this morning. This is where I'd probably be humming what I would consider a good intermission jingle of some sort, but not this morning ... I just thought it, and laughed to myself instead.

Anyway, I'm diving into knitting up some lusciously fall-coloured yarn (I believe you can't properly discuss fall colors without the "u") (What? It's not like my inner monologue has suddenly gone to the Madonna school of how to (poorly) rip off accents or something!) As I was saying, I'm in love with this pumpkin patch green right now, and I'm delighted by the sight of it on my purple needles (color theory 101, I know, but you can't deny it). I thought it would be the perfect color to start with being August and all (birth stone peridot, know about it!). August has never really been one of those months that "speaks" to me, but I'm beginning to appreciate her more and more. I used to despise her, because I knew once she'd gone that school was soon on the roster ... and then when they pushed it up to actually START in August, we really had our issues! But those times being long gone, I can now look at the month through different eyes, bleary with fond memories, and forgive her. I am able to appreciate her in her own right now, the winding down of summer, and the issuing of the new harvest season. It's all very romantic if you allow it.

So that's what's on the table right now. Trying out a few old things with new materials, and dreaming up some new designs to test out. Can I just say right here (because it's bugging me) no one can actually copyright anything that falls under the category of wearable apparel? I guess I can say it, 'cause I just did! Haha. Anyway, I've been seeing people in the cyber world who (wrongly) believe that this is some how possible, and it just ... in no sense of any of the terms ... ever ... could make sense, with the very narrow exception of certain things created inside the country of France, and by licensed couturiers (and if you have not been licensed you are not one, and that's a whole other blog, for sure) but even these "copyright" items are few and far between. At best a piece of art that is used as a printed pattern on fabric can have a copyright slapped on it, and if that's the case the fabric should state that it's for "home use", and it very rarely is actually protected. I just really had to get that off my chest, because running into disclaimers on garments, and accessories is getting a little rich. You may design something "new" but a scarf is a scarf is a scarf, and always will be one ... you have not invented something new, and let me tell you in the apparel industry you are hard pressed to do so; they had fringe skirts in ancient Mesopotamia, and cowls in medieval Europe ... trust me, at present even the most genius designers are technically knock-off artists. And as we know "knock-offs" are legal, "counterfeit" is not. The difference? A knock-off, just used your already regurgitated idea, a counterfeit is pretending to be yours right down to the (hopefully) licensed name on the product.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, it drives me nuts to see all these "serious" looking *disclaimers* that have zero protection backing it up. Intimidation method? Maybe. Misinformed? More than likely. Seriously disillusioned? Who knows ... hey, I think apparel is "art" just as much as the next designer, but we also have to be real with ourselves, shelve the ol' ego and realize what it really is ... fine art goes on your wall, practical art in your hutch, and wearble art on your back.