Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Round Two

The sizing, and gauge are both coming along a bit easier now (far fewer brain explosions). I thought I'd post the progress ... and why not? Three posts in three days -- February's so short anyway why not make it 28?! We'll see how that goes, blogging promises always seem to turn into subtle suggestions in my mind.

Next up on deck: Mannequin. I just cut out the pattern tonight, I'm crossing my fingers that I can actually turn this thing out. Tomorrow will be chicken wire day, thanks to a little bundle my dad let me pinch from his barn. Hopefully the shaping won't take too long, and I can get started on the paper mache, and finally get rid of the excess newspaper around here before I'm featured on the next episode of Hoarders! Ok, slight exaggeration, but still, I'll be thrilled to get some of these things that have found their way to my "Project Holding Pattern" finally buttoned up. Completion is a good thing!