Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonne Idee Is Almost Here ... Hide The Eggs!!!

Before I start, can I just say ... what exactly about snow on the 31st says "out like a lamb" hmm? Perhaps March can enlighten us on that when it's convenient for her. And I'd just like to let her know that having my flowers frozen wasn't exactly convenient for ME.

So what does a bonne idee and Easter have to do with each other? Not much in my house, other than it sounds like "bunny day". Though I HAVE had a few ...

You may be asking why that child's purse has bunny ears ... I'm asking why ALL purses don't have bunny ears? Ok, I'm not, but I love getting to live out my guilty pleasures on my one year old niece. I love being a girl, and she does too! I have yet been able to sneak lip gloss onto my lips around her without hearing the faint smacking of little lips that think they need some too, never mind all the pleasure that follows when she figures out it tastes like coconut (or, yes sometimes even bubblegum ... what can I say?). Well now she can have her own, and give Mommy back the "stolen" lipsticks she can never seem to find when she's getting ready. What else are aunties for? (Remind me to change my number when light shades of baby pink are smeared into carpets, and furniture.)
Anyway, my other bonne idee was finally getting a pic up of these wound around my version of these which happens to be these (well a random cross section since i got a little carried away where volume is concerned):

And the final bonne idee was getting this little guy knitted up, if you remember his conception. Well I think he's turned out quite handsome, myself...

...but he is a little small for me, so I'm sure we'll be passing him along to a certain niece as well. It feels good though, to get loose ends tied up, or knitted up, whatever the case may be.
Speaking of knitting, I've got piles of projects to photograph, and I've finally learned the 1x1 rib! Which I believe was Saddam Hussein's favorite rib knit ... yes, he was a knitter. Just when you thought you had nothing in common with an evil dictator!

'Til next time xoxo!