Monday, December 22, 2008

So How Did YOO Spend the First Day of Winter?

Mine went a little like this:
Take a hot bath,
Investigate the perv outside,

Let the cat out,

Check the Neighbors' progress,

Make sure the snow is still here,

Make Peppermint Bark (thanks to this recipe),

The Approach...

The Flop...

Check out that form! If only it could be an Olympic sport...

The Dismount...

The Dustoff...

The Snowball (which can often go unreconized as part of the snow angel making process, but it is crutial. Really, it is.)

Somewhere in there I watched the Wizard of Oz, finished a book, caught old episodes of Wonder Showzen, and knitted a few rows on a scarf. Overall, it was a nice way to officially welcome winter.