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My "master list" of places around the web to get decent quality free-to-use images for everyone from graphic designers to home crafters, writers in need of interesting backgrounds for their quotes, or just your basic meme-a-rific merry-making!

1 Million Free Pictures

Antique Clip Art

ARS Publik (commercial use available)


The British Library

Death to Stock Photo

Every Stock Photo (search engine)

Flickr: The Commons

Free Range Stock (commercial use available)

Free Stock Photos


Grandma's Graphics

The Graphics Fairy

My Public Domain Pictures (commercial use available)

New Old Stock

Old Book Illustrations

Outdoor Photographer
Pixabay (commercial use available)

Photos Public Domain


Public Domain Clip Art

Public Domain Pictures and Images

Public Domain Photos

Public Domain Poster

Public Domain Review

Public Domain Vectors

Reusable Art


I kind of love this museum, if you make an account on their site you can save historical works of art to different folders, and manipulate them in whatever way you desire, they even encourage you to create products, and hold contests every so often where you can show off your genius inventions.

From their site: Download hi-res images and create your own masterpiece

"The Rijksmuseum uses Rijksstudio to make more than 125,000
objects from the collection digitally accessible, free of charge.
The entire online collection of images is available in pin-sharp clarity.
At this resolution, a single detail is still sharp enough to decorate a whole bag.
Or a dress. This page shows some examples of other people’s creations. You might
be able to use these for inspiration.
Inspire others with your creation

We are looking forward to seeing your creations. Inspire others and share your
creation in your own Rijksstudio." (NASA, Fish & Wildlife, Library of Congress)

The Vintage Moth

Vintage Printable

Vintage Stock Photos

Wikimedia Commons